Common Variations

tldr; some crazy shit

Description's standard ruleset is the most common version of the beer mile. If you've done something amazing involving food and running, let us know and we'll considering adding your race to popular variations. In the meantime, will attempt to track down outstanding performances in the following:


  • The Chocolate-Milk Mile (48 oz. chocolate milk, 4 quarters)

    Best known effort: 4:44
  • The Egg Nog Mile

    Best known effort: 4:49
  • The Soda/Pop Mile (standard beer mile, soda instead of beer)

    Best known effort: 4:50
  • The Racing Wheelchair Beer Mile

    Best known effort: 8:04
  • Clydesdale Division (standard beer mile, 35 or older and 200 lbs+)

    Best known effort: 8:01
  • The T-Shirt Run (put on a t-shirt and run a quarter under 2 minutes)

    Best known efforts: 57 laps/t-shirts
  • The Joggling Beer Mile (run a beermile while juggling)

    Best known effort: 741
  • The Rubik's Cube Mile (solve a cube, quarter, cube, quarter, cube, quarter, cube, quarter)

    Best known effort: 5:26
  • The Shotgun/Cup Mile (standard beer mile, drink from any container)

    Best known effort: 5:08.7
  • The Beer Half-Marathon (13 beers, 13 miles)

    Best known effort: 1:28, Strava
  • The 24 and 24 in 24 (24 beers, 24 miles, in 24 hours or less)

    Best known effort: 6:24
  • The Bicentennial (100 beers, 100 miles, any order)

    Best known effort: rumored to be 104 hours, 151 hours
  • 4 x Beer Relay

    (4 team members - 1 12 oz. beer, 1 quarter each) Best known effort: 3:46.6
  • 4 x 40 Beer Relay (4 team members - 1 40 oz. beer, 1 quarter each)

    Best known effort: 13:24
  • The 3000m Vodka Steeplechase (7 shots, standard 3k steeplechase)

    Best known effort: 10:16.0
  • The Vodka 2-Mile (8 shots, 8 quarters)

    Best known effort: 13:01.5
  • The 4-Lap Beer Steeplechase (4 beers, 4 quarters, 16 barriers, 4 water pits)

    Best known effort: 8:52.0
  • The Ben and Jerry's 4x4 (4 pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream - 300+ calories/serving, 4 miles)

    Best known effort: 47:16
  • The Egg and Milk Mile (3 eggs, 500ml milk per lap)

    Best known effort: 5:49

Disclaimer is not encouraging irresponsible or dangerous behavior. Don't try a beer mile if it's not legal where you are, if you're underage, or if you're not fit for it. If you hurt yourself or others or property, this site is not responsible. It's just a website. Don't be an idiot.