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Ep53 - Emily Durgin: Ridin' Dirty with Dirty Durgs

Em "Dirty Durgs" Durgin joins the boyz to talk Vegas, gambling, golf, real estate, Mila Kunis, and Maine. Don't worry, we also talk some running for the running nerds out there, including her switch from Under Armour to Adidas and her stellar summer of racing. Emily placed 9th at the US Olympic Trials in the 10,000m. S...

Ep52 - Cole Hocker? Hardly Know Her

The boys get a little toasty and talk mega shi*t. After a round of blind beer tasting, they discuss Cole Hocker turning pro, the USATF 20km and 10 Mile champs, the 5th Ave Mile,the conspiracy behind the Adidas shoe DQ at the Vienna Marathon, the low IQ of LetsRun, how they almost became TikTok stars, and a whole lot mo...

Ep51 - Dealing with Death (a.k.a CANCER SUCKS), Adam's Homecumming: THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN

FYI upfront, this is a little bit of a heavier podcast and more upfront/vulnerable than the boys have ever been before. Chris and Adam are finally reunited in Chicago for their first in-person podcast since June. Adam explains his hiatus and the passing of his mother-in-law (fuck cancer). The boys get into a discussion...

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