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2021 Beer Mile World Classic

Corey Bellemore and Allison Grace Morgan take home the individual titles for the 2021 Beer Mile World Classic, with Bellemore setting the new men's world record in 4:28

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Ep84 - NYC Qualifier Preview: Beer Mile Showdown, Racing Nev (Catfish TV Show) in the "Influencer Mile", Will the 800m High School Records Go Down? + We Giveaway Under Armour Gear & Knockaround Shades

On this episode, we give away an Under Armour kit and 2 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses because we love you all. We also dive into the Trials of Miles NYC Qualifier meet happening this Friday (May 20) at Icahn Stadium in NYC starting at 7:30pm ET. To kick things off, Chris and Adam will be racing in the Exhibition Mile...

Ep83 - Margarita Monday Hot Takes - Jakob's 13:02, Nur 13:06 Collegiate Record, Cooper Teare 3:34, Lex Young and Colin Sahlman are studs, Natosha Rogers flexes, Emily Sisson Half Marathon Record

We recap a crazy weekend of racing, fueled by some margaritas. The first Under Armour shoe giveaway winner is announced, and we dive into the Track Meet, Emily Sisson's Half Marathon American Record, Cooper Teare's 3:34, what Bowerman TC is up to, and debate how long we could hang in a last person standing competition ...

Ep82 - Comedian Dan LaMorte: From 354 Pounds to 170-Pound Ultra Marathon Runner — Fueled by Mary Jane

In just 3 years, Dan LaMorte went from 354 pounds to 170 pounds, all thanks to ultra running and marijuana. After a career-ending elbow injury that stopped his baseball pitching aspirations dead in their tracks, Dan began doing stand-up comedy in New York City. As he gained stardom among the NYC comedy crowd, he also g...

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